"Spit-in water."

"De-petaled flower"

"A chewed piece of gum"
The youth of my generation know these phrases by heart.

The Scarlet Virgins:
When Sex Replaces Salvation

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-Wesley June 23rd, 2017

"This book is just the balm for those of us who grew up in Purity Culture and as a result were broken in spirit. Rebecca answers legalism with love and Scripture and helped me understand more about my responses to life. I am very excited to share this book with many of my peers."

Loved this

"Our elders told us we were “dirty” for having a crush. They claimed we were “used goods” if we held hands with someone. They insisted our worth was measured by the extent to which we had “given our heart away.” They criminalized affection to keep us “undefiled.”

What happens when an entire generation learns that their worth is found in their “purity?”

Welcome to life growing up in Christian Purity Culture.

Our well-intended homeschooling, conservative, and Christian communities wanted to keep us safe. They didn’t understand the toll inflicted by the heavy-handed and legalistic emphasis on sexual purity above and beyond anything else.

They wanted to safeguard our sexuality. Instead, they broke it.

They wanted us to be spotless before God. Instead, they drove us away from Him.

The Scarlet Virgins takes a vulnerable look at the Christian Purity Culture movement through the eyes of someone who experienced it firsthand. It seeks to identify what went wrong, and bring peace to the hearts of those who were wounded so deeply, all by exposing the truth:

It is Christ who makes us pure!


This book speaks especially to those who have been hurt by the ‘purity’ culture or by more general legalism, and to parents, but I recommend it to others. I found it very beneficial in understanding how a family member’s attitudes influenced my attitudes, and some of the lies I’ve embraced in my own life.

-Emily R. June 11, 2017

Get the first chapter FREE!

Oklahoma native Rebecca Lemke grew up in a tiny conservative homeschooling community. She has learned firsthand that the manner in which we approach modesty and purity can be the difference between life and death, both spiritually and physically. As the result of her deep-seated belief in holistic living, which includes holistic spirituality and sexuality, she strongly advocates for Christ to be our ultimate focus.

Rebecca has written a book entitled The Scarlet Virgins about her experience with legalism, spiritual abuse, and Purity Culture. She also releases podcasts on the same subjects at Rebecca now lives with her husband and toddler, enjoying the simple things in life with them, like root beer and bacon.

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